Scout’s work will help children play for years at Shepherdsville Elementary

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By Stephen Thomas

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - Boys Scouts remain a connection to the days of chivalry, when men would help little old ladies cross the street or place their coat over a puddle for a lady to walk through without stain.

Craig English earned his Eagle Scout rank by helping an entire school full of students avoid the mud.

Craig, a member of Troop 100 based at Mount Washington United Methodist Church, completed his Eagle Scout project, adding sidewalk and concrete play areas along the grounds of Shepherdsville Elementary.

An Eagle Scout project is required to be helpful toward the Scout’s home community. Craig discussed ideas with his parents, Donna and Kris.

A volunteer coordinator at Shepherdsville, Donna brought the situation to principal David Pate. At the time Pate was looking to add sidewalks near the school’s playground to assist students and teachers in wet areas.

“It’s a little swampy,” Craig said of the playground. “There might be a spring there. We picked the best places to keep students dry.”

Craig and Kris met with Pate to determine the best locations for sidewalks. 

From there Craig planned the entire project, starting with approval by the school board and donation letters distributed to local businesses throughout the county .

“I received about $1,200 plus donation,” Craig said.

Among other donors, Quality Stone offered all the rock and single axle truck use. Proline Concrete Pumping owner Darrell Green offered his services. Pearce Concrete offered 11 yards of concrete at a discount price.

Craig organized a team made of fellow troop members, friends and family members to assist with the concrete pouring and placement. The project took about one month to complete.

“It was in July and it was hot,” Craig added.

The final project included two sidewalk area near school exits leading to the playground, along with two concrete areas designated for four-square games and hopscotch. Also included were two funnel ball poles.

“(Craig) did a phenomenal job and the kids here are about loving it,” said Pate. “It was wonderful for them to do this and give the kids an extra place to play.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of any son,” Donna added.

Craig was officially congratulated at the playground by Bullitt County Public Schools superintendent Keith Davis for his efforts.

“This is a real asset to the school, a place where students can stand and play without mud,” aid Davis. “Craig’s contribution to the school is a big thing and the Eagle Scout program is impressive. We’ll see big things about him in the future.”

Craig was also congratulated by many of the Shepherdsville students who shared their appreciation for the work.

Currently Craig is a high school freshman enrolled in the Bullitt Advanced Math and Science (BAMS) program. He last attended Eastside Middle School.

“BAMS is a lot of homework and it’s tougher to balance (school and scouting),” he said. “I was able to accomplish my Eagle Scout project prior to BAMS starting, so I was able to stay ahead.”

Craig has twice attended the Scouts’ National Youth Leadership Training in Indianapolis, once as a participant and again as a volunteer.

He remains a member of Troop 100, serving as senior patrol leader. The troop is led by Scout Master Josh Dillard.