Scout honored for heroic act

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 It was a usual summer Sunday afternoon on June 6, 2010.  Monte Holston, Jr. was in our front yard and happened to look across the street and saw Mrs. Jackson going to her vehicle. 

        Now this isn’t any short distance away since they were in the rural area of the county. Mrs. Jackson was 81 yrs. old at this time and Monte was watching to see that she got to her vehicle safely. Unfortunately, she didn’t. She fell right next to it. 

        He saw this and yelled to his father  that she had fallen. He then ran over to see if he could help. 

        We didn’t know it at that time, but Jackson had shattered the femur bone of her leg. It was difficult for her to stand or move very much at all. 

        Jackson’s daughter Glenna Spratt called for an ambulance, at which point Monte and Nancy Holston, his mom, went to the end of the driveway to flag the ambulance down.               Jackson has expressed that if my son had not been aware of his surroundings and hadn’t seen her, she might have laid next to her vehicle all night and could have perished due to her age and injury.

For this act, Monte was awarded a National Certificate of Merit by the Lincoln Heritage Council of the Boy Scouts of America during the Court of Honor ceremony on Saturday, March 5, 2011. 

        Mrs. Jackson was able to attend this ceremony as well as some family and friends.