Scouts help to clean up Barren River shore

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By The Staff

The Boy Scouts of Shepherdsville Troop 868 and the Cub Scouts of Shepherdsville Cub Scout Pack 868 both spent Saturday, Sept. 20, scouring sections of the shoreline at Barren River Lake picking up trash.  The annual lakeshore cleanup event is sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  This marks the ninth consecutive year that Troop 868 has participated and the first year for Pack 868.

In exchange for a morning of manual labor picking up litter, scouts and other volunteers were treated to a free lunch and beach party at Barren River Lake State Resort Park.   Several members of the group won door prizes for meals at popular restaurants and all the boys got to play in the sand and go swimming.

The 18 participants from Troop 868 and 19 from Pack 868 filled more than sixty large garbage bags with cans, bottles, busted styrofoam, and other common litter.  The Boy Scouts also recovered 4 old tires.  Most of the trash is stuff that fishermen toss overboard and floats to shore or litter left behind by boaters who come ashore to picnic; but some unusual items suspiciously appear to be stuff that someone took out and intentionally dumped.  Empty bait and soft drink containers are by far the most common items collected.  Except for some occasional broken glass, very little of the trash is really nasty or dangerous to handle.

Participating in the cleanup gives scouts a firsthand look at how litter mars the landscape and an appreciation for how much work it takes to clean up after a “litter bug.”

Community service is a big part of Boy Scouting.  “There’s a lot more to this program than just camping and hiking,” said Scoutmaster Bob Meek.  “Our goal is to develop character in these young men and help them grow into responsible citizens.”

Cub Scouting is for boys in elementary grades 1