Selling of Beam doesn’t have to be bad situation for community

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Our Views

 In the corporate world, no merger or buyout should be surprising.

It is normally just a surprise to those who are most affected - the employee.

On Monday, Beam Inc. and Suntory Holdings of Japan announced their plans to join forces.

For those who own Beam stock, it will be a great deal as they would be paid around $83 per share, up 25 percent over the Friday’s closing price.

The purchase price would be a cool $16.5 billion, maybe a little smoother than any of Beam’s finest bourbons.

Statements made by Beam corporate officials should be music to the ears of employees, consumers and the community - it will be business as usual when the deal is final done later this spring.

In such business transactions, we must always worry about the employees. They have no say in the matter but their lives are the most affected. We are told they have nothing to worry about.

It seems that Beam officials will run that part of the company and Suntory will remain concerned with their vast portfolio of beer, whisky and other beverages in Japan. They already work together in several Asian markets.

With the employees apparently taken care of, we begin to become a bit more selfish.

Over the years, Jim Beam Distillery has been a big corporate sponsor in the community.

Many times, their contributions to the community and its many organizations goes quietly unnoticed. But it is there.

During the recent Metro United Way campaign, Beam’s first time to participate through its employee contributions needed Bullitt County well over $100,000 in grants to local agencies.

We trust that the dedication and commitment to the community will continue.

In today’s world, takeovers and mergers are common. This will not be the last.

We just hope that the words spoken by company officials are not forgotten. Jim Beam is an important part of Bullitt County’s fabric.