Shepherd looks for re-election as magistrate

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Election 2010

By The Staff

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - A long-time member of county government is looking for another four-year term as magistrate.

    Clifford “Buddy” Shepherd has filed for his third consecutive term as First District magistrate. Prior to his current tenure, Shepherd served Bullitt County as a deputy jailer, sheriff and magistrate.

    “I know the county,” said Shepherd, 76. “I know the people. And I know the roads.”

    The native of Bullitt County went to service in the U.S. Army for two years and then began a long working career, which included stops with the city of Shepherdsville and General Electric, where he retired.

    In his district, Shepherd said improving roads is a key issue.

    But the major accomplishment over the past eight years has been the expansion of service by Louisville Water Co. Many areas of western Bullitt County have received service thanks to grants and individual contributions.

    Nichols Elementary was the last school to receive municipal water service thanks to the transition from Kentucky Turnpike Water District to LWC.

    Another accomplishment has been the inclusion of many additional roads into the county’s maintenance program.

    Over the next four years, Shepherd said there are more roads which need to be added to the maintenance program; however, the economy may slow that progress.

    A big concern is the safety of Nichols Hill, which Shepherd said is too narrow for two vehicles to pass. However, the topography of the area makes improvements difficult.

    Shepherd understands that money issues will determine many of the decisions over the next four years.

    As long as the county pays its bills and stays out of debt, Shepherd said it would be a success.

    With many possible combinations of members on fiscal court in 2011, Shepherd said he isn’t concerned.

    “I can work with anyone,” said Shepherd. “I’m only one vote and it is important to get along with everyone on the court. I think we’ve done a good job of that in the past.”

    During the campaign, Shepherd said you couldn’t make a lot of promises.

    “I think experience is important,” said Shepherd. “I tell people that I will do what I say I’ll do. You have to tell the truth.”