Shepherdsville to begin seeing benefit of inceptor line

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By Thomas Barr

      SHEPHERDSVILLE - The long-debated, often-questioned decision to run a large gravity-fed sewer line under the Salt River is starting to pay off.

     Over seven years ago, the city of Shepherdsville undertook a project to install a large interceptor line under the river to basically take all the sewage from north of the river to the treatment plant.

     This entailed creating a special project team with employees and equipment to do only that work.

     Years later and many twists and turns to the original plans, sewer plant foreman Chuck Keith said things are starting to pay dividends.

     Shepherdsville City Council members heard recently that the line is working.

     Pump stations, which were in constant need of repair, are being shut down.

     City attorney Joseph Wantland estimated that the line is saving Shepherdsville over $40,000 a month already in electric bills.

     Keith said the EPA is set to inspect the sewer system in February.

     While there is still work to be done to eliminate infiltration of surface water into the sewer system, Keith said things are much better.

     During a recent three-inch rainfall, Keith said only one overflow incident occurred. Normally, that number might be 20. During the rain event, over 10 million gallons of liquid was treated by the new plant.

     In other business:

     *Bob Ryan was introduced as the city's new financial director. He previously audited the city's books for its annual report.

     He said he would continue to fine tune the monthly reports given to councilmembers.

     As an employee of the city, Ryan's company would no longer be eligible to provide audit services.

     *The council approved an interlocal agreement to work with Bullitt Fiscal Court on its storm water plan.

     As part of the federal Clean Water Act, the two agencies would work together on issues such as permitting. It is a similar arrangement the county has with the five northern municipalities.

     The city is still responsible for work within its corporate limits.

     The county also approved the interlocal agreement.

     The next meeting of the Shepherdsville City Council will be at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 28, at the government center. The public is invited. Anyone wishing to speak must sign up prior to the start of the meeting.