Shepherdsville to deliver lawsuit if postal employees don’t pay up

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - No matter who you are. If you work in the city of Shepherdsville, you are obligated to pay the occupational tax.

And through rain, sleet or snow, city officials pledge to make sure that all of those funds are collected, even if it is against workers for the United States Postal System.

City attorney Joseph Wantland has been working with postal officials over the past few months to see why employees haven’t had the tax withdrawn from their paychecks.

Unless there are 500 employees at a location, Wantland said the postal service wouldn’t withhold the funds so it would be the workers’ responsibility to pay the funds directly to the city.

Some haven’t paid the 1.5 percent occupational tax in 3-4 years, said Wantland.

Many have been cooperated and are paying back the money owed over a series of payments.

However, Wantland said, said some are not willing to make the payments.

The Shepherdsville City Council voted unanimously to take whatever action is needed, including litigation, to recover the unpaid funds.

As a side note, the way the ordinance is written, Wantland believes the postal system would ultimately be responsible for any unpaid occupational taxes.