Shepherdsville fire truck close to having repairs completed

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By Stephen Thomas

SHEPHERDSVILLE - The Shepherdsville Fire Department is finally one step closer to getting their main truck back in working order.

Chief Layne Troutman informed the city council that the Seagrave company approved a contract to repair the 2007 truck model damaged at a working accident scene on Interstate 65 in 2013.

According to Troutman, the estimated total cost for repairs was set at $97,698.28. City attorney Joe Wantland said the Kentucky League of Cities had offered to pay up to $83,000 in insurance.

Troutman said the repair contract needed to be paid off in three installments, including a payment of $48,849 within the first 10 days of the work being started.

A second payment, set at $43,964, would be due within 10 days of pump test results on the truck performed by an independent third party.

The remaining amount, about $5,600, covered the cost of pre-accident repairs to the truck, servicing issues such as broken safety belts and door handles, Troutman said.

Wantland reminded that SFD and the city, through KLC, remained in litigation with Ryder Trucking over damage payment. He said the city was seeking cost of repairs plus reimbursement for the time the truck is out of commission.

Council member Clinton Kline asked if the city could cover a cash flow of $100,000 to cover repairs until payment was received through the litigation. City controller Bob Ryan said it would not be a problem.

The council unanimously approved the payment.

In other business:

- The city renewed a lease with the Bullitt County YMCA allowing the use of Frank E. Simon Park for various sports programs.

YMCA representative June Daugherty said the annual agreement had been "tweaked a little" since it was first established in 1995.

Daugherty discussed the use of fields near the Highway 44 West park entrance, allowing for sports like football and soccer to be played without implementing the fields originally designated for baseball and softball.

According to Daugherty, parts of the fields near the front side had been seeded and covered with hay after damages due to rain and pick-up games.

Mayor Scott Ellis said the city was working on finding an electrician to get the lights working on those fields. He said the city would collect a few bids for the project.

Parking remained an issue during sports programs. Ellis suggested implementing an area bordering the saddle club location near the center of the park.

Daugherty said about 500 kids participated in spring soccer, with 117 signed up to participate in football and cheerleading.

She said a few park areas could be leveled for more play area access.

- The only response to open bids for a city software program implemented by the public works and sewer departments came from the departments themselves.

City public utilities manager Scott Fleming said a cheaper software brand had been tried with unsuccessful results.

A new program, Cityworks, using 2 TB storage, could be implemented at a cost of $56,000, with an annual payment of $10,000 for maintenance.

Fleming said training on the program was included in the price. He added that the city budgeted $65,000 for the program.

"We checked with many other municipalities," he said. "This one was tailor-made for what we need."

Cityworks implements GIS mapping to help generate daily work orders and preventative maintenance plans.

The council unanimously approved the purchase of the program.

- The next meeting of the Shepherdsville City Council will be on Monday, Aug. 25, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

The public is invited to attend. Anyone wishing to speak must sign up prior to the start of the meeting.