Should help kids

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 I cannot believe that the Bullitt County School System has employed resource officers who are unwilling to take the time or energy during the holiday season to simply compile a list of the less fortunate children within their assigned schools. The families in need at some of our county’s schools are told to go to the Salvation Army for help.

I don’t believe that is an acceptable answer when our county has both citizens and businesses that are willing to support these children and their siblings to ensure that each family has a good Christmas morning.

I cannot understand someone turning a cold shoulder to any child, much less one whom they see daily. The teachers and other school personnel see these children and know their needs more than anyone else. I know several teachers who, out of their own pocket, buy shoes and school supplies for some of their less fortunate students. 

All I am asking is that these resource officers participate in programs available to them. At the same time, I sincerely thank the resource officers who do realize how important this mission is.

DeNada Smith