Snow and ice send local teams into hibernation

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By Mike Farner

SHEPHERDSVILLE - The week that never happened.

That is pretty much the way last week will be remembered by area high school sports fans.

Other than a single game last Monday with the Bullitt East Chargers beating North Oldham 76-73, there were no games played in Bullitt County. The ‘no school, no games’ rule was put into affect because of the ice and snow as well as the lack of electricity.

While some coaches certainly hate missing at least four days of practice, there could have been worse weeks for the local teams to be forced to the sidelines. Other than a game between Bullitt East and Fairdale scheduled for last Wednesday, no other games slated for last week have to be made-up. Some might be rescheduled, but only that one has to be played because it involves the seeding process for the upcoming 24th District Tournament.

Two events that will need to be ‘made-up’ were the homecoming festivities planned at both Bullitt Central and North Bullitt for last Friday. Until we know exactly when school will be back in session, there isn’t a lot that can be done to reschedule homecomings.

Unfortunately, optimum dates don’t exist down the road. Bullitt Central would love to reschedule their doubleheader with Spencer County and make that homecoming, but it would have to be on a Thursday or Saturday night. North Bullitt already had some homecoming foe woes as the Cornerstone Christian girls had backed out of a game with the Lady Eagles that was going to be played after the boys’ team was going to play Rock Creek Academy, a team out of southern Indiana.

The Bullitt East-Fairdale game will be the first to be rescheduled. After that, games will be fit in where possible and, if not possible, will just be cancelled.

The first make-up game could be played tonight if both Bullitt and Jefferson County schools are in session. Bullitt Central was scheduled for a girls’ game on Monday against Pleasure Ridge Park. The Cougar boys were supposed to play PRP last Saturday. If school is in session, that was going to be made into a girl-boy doubleheader at Bullitt Central starting at 6 p.m.

Worse, because all Jefferson County schools were also out of action last week, some of those teams might have to rework their schedules and move some games already scheduled if they have district games that need to be played.

The good news on that front is that all the Jefferson County girls’ teams were not scheduled for last week because it was supposed to be the week for the Louisville Invitational Tournament. That event was completely cancelled so no girls’ teams from Jefferson County lost key games that will need to be rescheduled.

That was also the reason that Bullitt County teams had a light schedule last week. None of the three girls’ teams had a game last Tuesday or Wednesday. In fact, with the loss of the Cornerstone Christian game, North Bullitt did not have a game scheduled at all last week.

If bad weather and the lack of electricity continue into this week, the picture gets a lot more bleak. Fairdale and Southern have a district game set for Tuesday and Bullitt Central and Bullitt East are supposed to play on Friday as well as North Bullitt going to Southern.

Those contests have to be played before Feb. 14.

While it is not as big a blip on the screen as basketball, swimming could really face some headaches this week if the bad conditions continue. All swimming teams in the state are scheduled for regional action on Friday and Saturday.

The Bullitt County teams will compete at the University of Louisville. Of course, teams were not allowed to practice last week, but swimmers train mostly on their own so it was hit and miss about how much time was lost for those athletes, although many indoor pools were closed some or all of last week.