So frustrated

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 I am frustrated thinking about what has happened throughout the world. The War, people getting killed, the flood, tornadoes, earthquakes. Most people do not want to get along with other people. They want everything for themselves. Children telling parents what to do. They control the parents.

Jobs are scarce, the surge of gas prices, food, insurance, taxes - unreal. People loosing their homes after working all their lives to get ahead so they can relive and live in peace without worrying about the next meal and making money to live on and a place to live. Thus loosing everything. There are many homeless people here in the USA, the home of the free and brave. The United States is going broke for lack of jobs, thus causing less taxes collected from taxpayers and while we are on the subject “too much money spent on other countries and not on the home front. Charity should begin at home first. Also health care needs a lot work. There are many people living here in the US that should not be here. They are taking jobs away from the American people that paid taxes  all their lives. Now I ask you what is right what is wrong???

Why can’t people in Congress and other offices take care of the people here in the USA first. I mean US citizens. Think!! What is wrong that cannot be corrected??? I am frustrated. Thank you for listening.

Robert Huff