Social Host ordinance may finally be at point of talk

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 It received a whiff of consideration over a decade ago but was quickly brushed aside.

But, now may be the time to those pushing for some type of ordinance placing some responsibility on adults hosting parties in which they allow those under 21 to drink alcohol.

Over the past several weeks, reporter Alex Wimsatt has profiled the issue of Social Host ordinances in a variety of ways.

Some believe such an ordinance is needed; others may not.

The passage of such an ordinance may really be more symbolic than anything. It brings attention to a problem throughout the country - how do underage people get alcohol?

The local Partners in Prevention have been tackling this issue in a number of ways.

The Shoulder Tap program is one in which underage adults are sent into stores trying to purchase alcohol.

Unfortunately, in some cases, they are successful.

In terms of the social host ordinance, any adult should know it is wrong to serve alcohol to someone under the age of 21. However, it happens all the time.

If they knew up front that there could be some criminal penalties, it might stop at least one person from committing a crime. That would be progress.

The question is if the issue is brought up to your local legislative body, what would the vote be? Only time will tell but we think that now is the time that the matter is brought up for discussion.

And we would expect the evidence is quite clear - there is no down side to passing such an ordinance.