Soil situation under control

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 In response to our highly esteemed former Superintendent Frank Hatfield’s letter published on Wednesday, I want to state clearly I detected no comments intended to disparage either Mr. Hatfield or the Board members at the time that BCHS was constructed.

He correctly points out that the 43 year old building is solid, with little in the way of settlement or cracking and this is a testament to his care for the long-term success of the school district he served as superintendent for over 20 years.

Investigating subsurface soil conditions is done by professional engineers through a process called “sampling” and this process is not foolproof. Had the condition been discovered prior to letting the contract and factored into the design, the additional cost would have been factored into the bids anyway, and in fact, it may have overinflated the actual cost of remediation.

At this point, the Board will know exactly how much soil has to be replaced at a pre-specified cost per unit and when it is complete, it will likely be far less expensive than the worst-case scenario described by the architect and contractor. The project has sufficient contingency built in to correct this issue and the final result will be a solid structure that will be an asset to Bullitt Central High School.

Keith Davis


Bullitt County Board of Education