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 November 6, 2012 marks the day that all registered voters make an important decision for our community. We hope that sharing our personal experience with Layne Abell will provide confidence in re-electing him as Bullitt Circuit Clerk.

As deputy clerks, we know firsthand what Layne Abell is all about, he is dedicated to his job and our community. When working in the vast and complex legal system questions often arise that we are unsure of, Layne is always there to answer our questions. Layne has worked in the court system for over 39 years, his knowledge and experience make him a strong leader.

In addition to his responsibilities of being Circuit Court Clerk, Layne is always willing to lend a hand to our team by covering court, answering phone calls and assisting the members of our community. Layne is very family-oriented and personable, should we have personal matters to attend to, as our boss, he does his best to be flexible and understanding.

Layne Abell has created a positive and effective work environment by considering our ideas and improvements and clearing communicating his expectations of all team members. If you want a Circuit Clerk that represents Bullitt County in a professional manner and someone that takes pride in their job, join us in voting for Layne Abell as Bullitt Circuit Clerk!

Haley Kile, Jessica Griffin, Donna Woolums, Chariti Curtsinger, Patrick Abell, Tish Waters, Jessica Paul, Kelli Smith, Sandy Blakley