Staph infection diagnosed at Old Mill; no other reports

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By Stephen Thomas

MOUNT WASHINGTON – An individual case of MRSA staph infection reported at Old Mill Elementary this week was treated early and isolated to a single student.

Bullitt County Public Schools district health coordinator Lesa Bodine said informational letters were distributed to parents Tuesday, mentioning the reported infection.

“The student is under doctor’s orders,” said Bodine. “We’re not anticipating any further problem.”

Bodine said it was common procedures for schools to distribute letters with important school information.

She said the Old Mill letter included warning signs of staph infection and how to treat potential symptoms.

“In this case the parents informed (Old Mill) of the infection,” Bodine said.

She added that it was important for parents to let a school know immediately if they are aware of the child’s status.

According to standard procedure supplied by the Center for Disease Control, routine cleanings were performed at Old Mill, especially in rooms relating to the student in question.

Old Mill parents were first notified of the situation in a weekly email  distributed by principal Les McIntosh on Monday. He said Bodine’s letter was not to alarm but rather to inform parents.

“The student has been treated, the areas frequented by the student have been disinfected, and we have not had any other identified cases,” McIntosh said in the statement. “We feel that we have done everything we can to protect our students and staff.”

McIntosh echoed Bodine’s advice that parents should inform a school as soon as possible if a student is sick or injured so immediate arrangements could be made to protect everyone.