State must look at itself to make cuts like others

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Our Views

By The Staff

    State agencies must continue to look at cutting the fat in their budgets.

    That message was clearly sent once again as the new two-year budget was finally approved by the General Assembly last week.

    A perfect example of an agency that has  taken the proverbial bull by the horns and made cuts has been the state administrative office of the courts.

    The cuts in personnel at the state level have been accomplished with relatively minor affects on the local operations.

    What it has done, unfortunately, is hurt in staffing at the local levels across the state. The bigger county offices have survived but many slots remain unfilled in counties such as Bullitt.

    Also, it appears some innovative drug court opportunities in juvenile and family courts may be lost due to the cutbacks, including one planned in Bullitt County. The adult drug courts already established are not affected.

    We hope the state continues to work on looking at cuts. The governor has been challenged to make sure those cuts in all agencies are accomplished.

    It might be a good time for the legislators to look internally at their operations to see if any cuts could be made. And we would like to see a provision that special sessions don’t receive special pay if it involves the passing of the budget. That’s $63,000 a day that could be used elsewhere.