To stay or to go, that is question facing many

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Our Views

By The Staff

Parents from three middle schools have a tough decision.

Do they take advantage of the federal No Child Left Behind standards and ask that their middle school youngsters be allowed to transfer to Eastside or Bernheim?

Or do they stay at their current school and look for improvements? And if they qualify under the free and reduce lunch standards, will they ask for supplemental educational assistance?

Today is the deadline to ask for a change. That is a tough decision.

We won’t even attempt to sway parents one way or another.

But what we will do is to explain that less schools will master all the target goals of the NCLB act in the future. The target scores are now being raised each year and those expectations are not reasonable in many situations.

Bullitt County has a wide variety of students, administrators, teachers and parents. What we are safe to say is that things are moving in a positive direction in terms of curriculum inside the classroom.

Look for test scores to continue to rise. Look for the number of students attending college be on the increase. And look for the dropout rate to be on the decline.

Parents, it is a tough decision. We just hope everyone has an educated, wise decision.