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 This January I stepped up to run for the open Kentucky Senate created by legislative redistricting. Within 45 days the redistricting plan was declared unconstitutional by the Kentucky Supreme Court. My candidacy and Bullitt County’s chance for a state senator effectively ended with that ruling.

Without strong representation in Frankfort, Bullitt County will continue to get far less than its fair share. Highway 44 remains overcrowded. Major projects will pass us by time after time. We will not get our fair share of tax dollars. Our citizens will not have the voice in state government they deserve.

With the Court ruling, my election was moved to Pulaski County. I decided to remain on the ballot. I had no desire to campaign or actually seek the Senate seat for a district over 100 miles from Bullitt County.

I remained on the ballot to bring attention to the failures of Frankfort. Despite it being obvious that legislative redistricting was doomed from the beginning, Frankfort had no contingency plan. Bullitt County, as we sit here today, remains underrepresented. Three election districts continue to disenfranchise voters as a practical matter. We still have an absentee state senator.

Until this June, I served on the County Board of Elections. This long and thankless job dealt with the details of actually conducting elections. I was not reappointed this term by Frankfort as I was “technically” a candidate for office. Faced with the difficulties of finding and training a new person for this challenging position, the remaining members of the Board asked me to fix the “technicality” and get reappointed to the Board. By this letter I am fixing the issue. I hereby effective immediately end my candidacy (officially) for the Office of State Senator.

I hope and pray that each person that reads this letter takes a moment to put community before self. Bullitt County is in desperate need of responsible people to fill public office, volunteer in civic organizations - to lead. Please, step up. Make a change. Help. Your home needs you.

J. Scott Wantland

Bullitt County proud