Stimulus great plan but must be realistic

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By The Staff

Wouldn’t it be great if Bullitt County’s $49 million wish list could all get funded?

Well, yes it would.

However, we all know that won’t happen.

The package submitted by the county judge and the various cities has a lot of worthwhile projects, some of which have already been in the funding cycle previously.

The governmental bodies who have their projects ready to go will be the main benefactors of whatever Congress decides to do on the economic stimulus plan.

It is great that Bullitt County has its priority list together and will be ready to roll once the money is trickled down.

But, in reality, all the projects on the wish list will not get funded. Bullitt County would be lucky to have one or two of their projects funded.

It appears the president’s proposal will have to undergo a little weight control before any of those dollars would ever float down to Kentucky and then to Bullitt County.