Store on Cedar Grove back for more talk on Thursday

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By Stephen Thomas

 CEDAR GROVE - Concerns for a potential new store and its entrance at a dangerous stretch of road led to a tabled rezoning request.

Members of the Bullitt County Joint Planning and Zoning Commission planned to meet with legal advisers and contractors representing Dollar General to determine a safe entrance to a new store.

Dollar General hopes to open its newest Bullitt County location at 5050 Cedar Grove Road, near the intersection of Deatsville Road.

A request was made to the commission by property owner George Greschel for a rezoning of three acres from R- 3 Residential to B-2 Highway Business.

Prior to the zoning meeting, the Board of Adjustments approved an encroachment variance for the property that involved room for extra parking spaces in the front of the lot facing the street.

"We're looking to disturb as little of the area as we can," said Clifford Ashburner, an attorney representing Cox Development and the Greschel Family.

Residents Gary and Brenda Board raised concerns about the location of the store entrance as well as the encroachment. Gary Board was concerned about a future widening of the roadway.

"I don't think, with a possible future bridge, that we need to allow more encroachment," he said. "I don't want Cedar Grove Road to become another Highway 44."

Ashburner countered that the 20 feet of requested easement would not be "a choke point" as far as future state plans to widen the road. He said he was unaware of any current plans by the state to widen the road.

BOA vice-chair David Snider said there would still be 24 feet of green space from the roadway to the parking lot.

"We're basically just putting 25 feet of asphalt on the front" of the property, Snider said.

Board reiterated his concerns, asking the board to "look into the future despite no current plans" to widen.

Board member Duane Price said BOA couldn't act based upon potential plans.

"We can't hold this hostage for years," he said.

Member Harlen Compton said a lot of space adjoining the property would allow the company to add other spaces later, if necessary.

At the zoning hearing, Ashburner said Greschel was maintaining a portion of the land for his home and selling the rest for the future store.

He noted that the comprehensive plan for the area was designated as Town Center or Junction Mixed, allowing the store to be in an appropriate location.

Planning chairman Daryl Lee addressed sewer concerns based on the land's layout. Ashburner said a septic system would be placed on site.

Commissioners raised concerns about the store's proposed entrance and its proximity to the curve near Deatsville Road. Ashburner said the location was favorable by state regulations.

"If the state lived there, they would find a problem there," said commissioner Larry Watkins.

Lee asked if the company would agree to allow right-of-way easement for a possible turning lane due to the traffic flow. Ashburner said he would have to consult his clients about that.

Commissioner John Miller said it would be an obligation for the company to place a turning lane.

"It's a state road, but it's our county," he said. "It's a very poor location for an entrance."

Ashburner said he could agree to have representatives meet with the county engineer and road department to determine a proper entrance location. 

Commissioners agreed to table discussion until the next board meeting, allowing time for officials to determine other potential locations for a safer entrance.