Stranger Danger

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 Hi, my name is Clayton Luttrell. I go to DePaul School and I am a fourth grader. I am a Webelos I Cub Scout with Pack 47. I am writing this letter in order to earn my Citizenship Cub Scout Academic Pin. The issue I am writing about is missing children. Why do people kidnap children? I don’t understand.

Here are a few tips that I have learned through Cub Scouting that can help protect children. 

1. Never go with a buddy.

2. Never get into someone’s car unless you know them.

3. Never trust anyone unless you know them.

4. Never talk to strangers.

5. Never take anything from anyone that you don’t know.

6. Always carry a whistle.

7. Use your voice and yell out.

8. Run away/fight to get away and then tell someone you trust.

9. If you get lost in the woods or anywhere hug a tree or stay where you are.

10. If your plans change ALWAYS ask your parents first and tell them.

The most important tip is to always remember STRANGER DANGER.

Clayton Luttrell