A Student’s Perspective: ‘Rowdies’ love cheering team in Rupp Arena

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By Emily Nalley, Special Writer

 LEXINGTON - “We love our Chargers! Yeah, we love our Chargers!”

In support of the team, the Red Zone Rowdy, the cheerleaders, and other anxious Charger fans stuck around and cheered despite a Chargers’ loss to Rowan County.

To say that Bullitt East was excited when the Chargers made it to the PNC/KHSAA Boys’ Sweet Sixteen State Tournament would be an understatement.

The Red Zone stepped up when it was time to support their basketball players. Even when they were defeated by the Rowan County Vikings, the Rowdies were behind them whole way.

The Charger Nation went crazy when the boys’ basketball team made it to the state tournament. 

On Thursday, March 17, six fan buses chartered Bullitt East rowdies (students) to the state games at Rupp Arena in Lexington.

  Senior Brandon Hanna said, “The Red Zone Rowdy really stepped it up; we realized that we haven’t been carrying on the tradition of the RZR. This basketball team has a lot of talent and it shows by how well they did in this tournament, they definitely deserve our support.” 

On Thursday and Friday of the tournament at Rupp, East students filled the Red Zone Rowdy section. 

Senior Wade Kelly said, “We stayed in Lexington the whole weekend so we could make it to every game and cheer our butts off.” 

Although the Red Zone was “amazing”,  according to junior Taylor McMillen, Saturday’s turnout was less than amazing. Roughly half of the students that showed up Thursday and Friday didn’t make it to Saturday’s Final Four game.

“It was great seeing everyone pumped up and cheering us on. It’s an awesome feeling to have all of that support,” said senior center Corey Washburn , who led the team with 63 points for the tournament, “I did everything I could during the games, and I’m so proud of the team, it just makes it so much better knowing that our school was behind us the whole way.” 

Senior guard Hayden Sweat, who scored 15 points in the semifinal agreed.

“The support of the Red Zone definitely helped our game, it just gets everyone fired up, but it was a little disappointing Saturday morning when a lot less people showed up,” said Sweat.

When the Chargers fell short in the final game against Rowan County, emotions were mixed. Freshman Kaleigh Sharpe said,  “I was really upset, I felt bad for them, and I felt their pain because I know how it feels to lose an important game like that. They played great; they need to keep their heads up.” 

Disappointment was not on the mind of sophomore Keenan Cischke, who attended all of the games decked out in body paint.

“I think East played great! Losing today isn’t a disappointment. We’ve had the best season with the best team and we have nothing to be ashamed of. I especially appreciate our killer Red Zone, our team, our coaches, and everyone who came out to support the people who make us proud to be B.E.”

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