Student redistricting set for 2010-11

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Over 12 percent of students could face changes

By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Students attending classes - especially in elementary and middle schools - might be located at different facilities starting in the 2010-11 year.

A committee has released its proposed redistricting plan and over 12 percent of the student body could be affected.

Final approval by the Bullitt County Public School Board isn’t expected until September and parents will have a month to look at the proposals and submit their comments.

The last redistricting occurred five years ago with the opening of Zoneton and Eastside Middle and Shepherdsville Elementary.

With the opening next year of the new elementary school in Mount Washington and overcrowding at several other schools, Pat Smith-Darnell, director of pupil personnel, was in charge of a committee to look at the overall changes needed in boundaries.

A committee, which included pupil personnel secretary Susan Jeffries, transportation director Jeff Scott, bus trainers Virginia Buehler and Donna Dennis, and Linda Toy, began the task of looking to reconfigure the school boundaries.

Smith-Darnell said the task was to find a plan that was logical and practical.

The plan will be posted on-line at the school system’s site beginning July 16. A survey will also be posted through Aug. 13 to gain input from the public.

On Aug. 14, board members would receive survey results and a public hearing would be held at the Aug. 18 board meeting. The survey results would be posted on-line on Aug. 17.

With the information from the public hearing and the survey, board members would vote on the plan at their Sept. 15 meeting. After that time, all information would be placed on-line and e-news subscribers would be alerted.

Smith-Darnell said letters would be sent to those children affected in January 2010.

Jeffries said information was collected from a variety of sources, including researching the deeds and talking with developers about the prospect of homes to be built.

The goals were to develop the student population base for the new elementary school; reduce the student population at Pleasant Grove Elementary, Mount Washington Elementary, Old Mill Elementary, Cedar Grove Elementary, Freedom Elementary and Zoneton Middle.

Another goal was to allow all the students at Freedom Elementary to attend Hebron Middle and for all the Mount Washington Elementary students to attend Eastside Middle. Currently, students at those schools are split where they attend middle school.

Under the plan, those who are fifth graders or eighth graders at affected schools would have the option to remain for their final year. They would need to fill out transfer paperwork and provide their own transportation.

If they had siblings, the younger child would have to attend the newly-assigned school.

Plus, no other transfers would be allowed for any of the elementary or middle schools during the 2010-11 school year.

In looking at the figures, Jeffries said the population in Bullitt County had grown by 22.5 percent since 2000. The estimated population is now 75,028, compared to 61,236 in the 2000 Census.

The proposed changes:

*Pleasant Grove Elementary to new elementary - Brookdale Road, Cedar Falls Drive, Flatlick Road (2244 to the end), Laverne Court, Locust Road, Norman Dale Road, Owen Lane, Patton Lane, Rufus Lane, Sycamore Lane, Wales Run, Whitehouse Road and Wilkerson Drive. At total of 56 students would be affected.

*Mount Washington Elementary to new elementary - Abels Way, Adams Drive, Beechwood Lane, Bowman Court, Branham Way, Briarcliff Court, California Avenue, Carla Drive, Carolina Avenue, Carter Circle, Clear Creek Drive, Cleanview Drive, Colonial Drive, Concord Drive, Delania Drive, Dover Court, Eathan Court, Elaine Way, Enily Drive, Erin Circle, Fairway Drive, Fawn Way, Filmore Circle, Flatlick Road (137-2194), Florida Avenue, Georgia Way, Granite Court, Grant Drive, Greenbriar Road (3435-2962), Harding Lane, Hare Lane, Hartford Drive, Highway 44 East (10145-10421), Hoover Circle, Jefferson Court, Jefferson Way, Justin Trail, Kevin Place, Kimberly Court, Lexington Drive, Lincoln Drive, Linda Drive, Louis Lane, Louise Court, Lynnwood Court, Lynnwood Drive, Marble Way, Mary Drive, Maurice Drive, Meadow Park Court, Meadowcrest Drive, North Stonehurst Drive, Oakrun Drive, Pierce Avenue, Pinoak Circle, Senate Lane, South Stonehurst Drive, Spencer Lane, Stone Creek Court, Stone Meadow Drive, Stonelege Drive, Stringer Lane (Highway 44 to Carla Drive (100-238) even numbers only), Sunnyside Drive, Taft Court, Taylor Court, Teakwood Circle, Texas Avenue, Travis Lane, Treva Court, Treva Drive, Washington Court, Washington Drive, Wilchar Boulevard, Willow Creek Court, Willow Creek Drive, Wilmington Drive, Winchester Drive. A total of 322 students will be affected.

Old Mill Elementary to new elementary - Apollo Drive, Barber Road, Benjamin Place, Bethany Court, Black Oak Road, Burr Oak, Capella Court, Cemetery Lane, College Street, Dooley Drive, East Lakeview Drive, East Street, First Street, Frederick Court, Glen Ridge Drive, Grazing Trace Court, Green Garden Drive, Greenfield Circle, Highway 44 East (10422 at Branham Way to Main Street red light), Hill Terrace Drive, Joseph Drive, Julie Way, Landis Court, Landis Lane, Live Oak Drive, Meadows Drive, Morning Glory Avenue, North Bardstown Road (405 to end at Highway 31 Bypass odd numbers only), Pin Oak Drive, Porter Street, Ranch Road, Red Oak Drive, Red Oak Road, Rigel Court, South Bardstown Road, Stout Lane, Tiffany Court, Todd Drive, Valley Drive, Village Lane, Water Street, West Avenue, West Street, White Oak Run Road and Youngstown Park Drive. A total of 114 students affected.

Pleasant Grove Elementary to Mount Washington Elementary - Amber Court, Armstrong Lane, Autumn Glen Drive, Autumn Leaf Drive, Autumn Ridge Drive, Barbara Sue Lane, Bittersweet Court, Blackberry Circle, Blue Bird Drive, Briarwood Court, Briarwood Drive, Bronzewood Way, Burlwood Circle, Burlwood Court, Burnt Sienna Drive, Candy Apple Court, Cinnamon Drive, Cooper Creek, Cornucopia Court, Crimson Creek Drive, Falcon Crest, Falling Leaf Drive, Foxfire Drive, Ginger Drive, Gordon Drive, Grand Loop Drive, Greenbriar Road @ Highway 44 East to Wales Run (248-2158), Hardwood Court, Harvest Lane, Highway 44 East (8008-8804) - Bleemel Lane to Armstrong Lane, Merlot Drive, Mockingbird Court, Mockingbird Way, Pats Lane, Persimmon Drive, Red Cardinal Drive, River Cliff Drive, Riverview Drive, Scenic Drive, Twin Falls Road, Winding Woods Trail, Woodland Pass and Woodwind Court. A total of 190 students will be affected.

Roby Elementary to Pleasant Grove Elementary - Alyssa Drive, Andover Lane, Boardwalk Avenue, Bridwell Camp Road, Carolyns Cove, Chimney Rock Drive, East Bridwell Camp Road, Fairview Lane, Gibraltar Drive, Halls Lane, Highway 44 East at Floyds Fork Bridge to Douglas Drive (2164-3400), Huston Drive, KOA Kampgrounds, Little Rock Drive, Mills Court, North Coleridge Drive, Park Place, River Edge Drive, River Rock Drive, Shirl Nel Lane, South Coleridge Drive, St. Andrews Crossing Way and Tanager Lane. A total of 90 students. A total of 38 students would switch from Bullitt Lick to Eastside Middle and the same number would switch from Bullitt Central to Bullitt East High.

Roby Elementary to Shepherdsville Elementary - Abbott Street, City Park Drive, Cox Drive, Fugate Lane, Highway 44 West from Fugate Lane to Abbott Street, Howlett Drive, Lee Street and West Third Street at Abbott Street. A total of 14 students affected.

Cedar Grove Elementary to Roby Elementary - Beech Grove Road (1259) to Reichmuth Lane (not included), Clear Lake Drive, Dogwood Run, Dogwood Trail, Kousa Drive, Lake Park Court, Lakes Edge Drive, Pagoda Court, Stellar Drive and White Blossom Drive. A total of 130 students affected. Another 46 would go from Bernheim Middle to Bullitt Lick Middle.

Cedar Grove Elementary to Lebanon Junction Elementary - Beech Grove Road from Reichmuth to Pumpkin Road (1575-4173), Belair Drive, Bowman Valley Road, Cooper Run Road, Eddington Lane, Falls Lane, Forest Hill Court, Forest Hill Road, Long Lick Farm Road, Mary Foster Road, Mitchell Drive, Newman Hill Road, Reichmuth Lane, Sherleys Court, Shulthise Lane, Slate Bluff Trail and South Preston Highway (1954 at Forest Hill to end past Lebanon Junction. A total of 53 student affected.

Freedom Elementary to Overdale Elementary - Bentwood Drive, Birchwood Drive, Blarney Lane, Butterfly Lane, Christman Lane, Cottonwood Drive, Crossroad Drive, Desmonta Way, Dewberry Road, Dublin Circle, East Blue Jay Road, Ella Drive, Fairwood Way, Fifth Street, First Street, Fourth Street, Hedgewood Court, Horseshoe Court, Joseph Avenue, Ledgewood Court, Linkwood Court, Lorona Way, Marie Avenue, Mayflower Court, Mayflower Road, Nelida Way, New Christman Lane to Jefferson County line, North Preston Highway (6234) to Jefferson County line on east side, Oakcrest Court, Old Preston Highway from Zoneton Road to north to North Preston Highway (494-1242), Old Road, Orchid Court, Red Bird Court, Red Bird Road, Rigdon Drive, Robin Road, Rogers Avenue, Second Street, Shadowlawn Drive, Sowder Lane, Stonepost Road, Stonewood Court, Third Street, Topfield Road, West Blue Jay Road, Westwood Court, Westwood Drive, Wilma Avenue, Windy Hill, Zinnia Road and Zoneton Road to Christman Lane (162-426). A total of 198 students affected.

Overdale Elementary to Maryville Elementary - Ashley Court, Bally Castle Court, Big Oaks Drive, Bigwood Drive, Bigwood Way, Bucky Burton Drive, Cadenza Court, Carrissa Court, Desco Court, Earlywood Way, Fawn Court, Jennymac Court, Jennymac Drive, Kristi Court, Majestic Boulevard, Smith Lane (145-471 - odd numbers only), Toy Court, Velva Drive, Wild Way and Wooded Way. A total of 135 student affected.

Maryville Elementary to Brooks Elementary - Abundance Drive, Angelina Road, Angle Avenue, Arbor Trace, Arcadia Court, Balboa Place, Baracha Court, Blue Lick Drive, Bountiful Boulevard, Brenton Way, Camellia Court, Cannon Court, East Blue Lick Road at John Harper to Jefferson County line on both sides (2780-4301), Hexagon Avenue, Hillview Boulevard from East Blue Lick Road to Terry Boulevard (1612-1251 and 3702-2804 but Earlywood Way not included), Jeffie Lane, Lee Villa Circle, Lee Villa Court, Melody Lane, North Triangle Lane, Octagon Avenue, Oval Avenue, Plentiful Place, Rectangle Road, Sphere Street, Symmetric Street and West Triangle Lane. A total of 82 students affected. Another 41 will move from Zoneton to Hebron Middle.

Board members were pleased with the tremendous amount of research and work spent by committee members on the presentation. While none had any particular questions at the time of Wednesday’s meeting, they expected to have some in the future as they begin receiving calls from their constituents.