Students may have chance to clean county, earn money

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE — School groups may have another way to raise funds in the near future.

And it will be a way to beautify the community.

Due to a change in some of the allowable reimbursements in the litter abatement program, Bullitt County solid waste coordinator Larry Hatfield said he is looking at other ways to spend the allocated funds.

The county is slated to receive $72,000 in state funds for 2009 to use on litter abatement projects.

For the past year, Hatfield said the county would have to return about $28,900 to the state.

Hatfield said he didn’t want to return any money to the state.

During the past year, inmates have been cleaning up along a lot of roadways. The jail has received reimbursement and constables have also been paid for any work done guarding prisoners on the work detail.

The coordinator said he figures the county had about 4,000 hours to be used at $15 per hour on the project. Either the county could hire a couple of people with the sold responsibility of cleanup or it could continue to utilize current staff, said Hatfield.

To increase the utilization of the state funds, Hatfield said he is looking to go to the high schools to find a few groups which would be willing to clean up roadways at least three times a year.

He thought Bullitt Central would be the first school.

Groups would be paid $100 per mile of trash pickup.