Students selected for next bunch of BAMS participants

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               While the first cohort of students from the Bullitt Advanced Math and Science (BAMS) class prepares to enter college, a brand new set of eighth graders is preparing to make a major transition.

               BAMS was established during the spring of 2010 with its first cohort of 20 students selected and in place for the 2010-2011 school year. 

               BAMS primary objective is to provide prospective 9th grade students, who have distinguished themselves through KCCTS, ACT Explore, and MAP test scores in Math and Science, an opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges of college in a program with high expectations and rigor. The advantage that students participating in the BAMS program’s cohorts have over students completing their four-year high school degree within their home high school is three-fold:

               * BAMS as a program cultivates relationships with colleges, corporations, and private institutions to provide student access to research and resources not traditionally found in the high school environment.

               * BAMS actively identifies and facilitates opportunities for its students to further their education, leadership skills, and personal growth.

               * BAMS fosters student success through the independent study and research process, refining student mastery of inquiry and study skills.

               BAMS students from Bernheim Middle School include Kimberly Berthiaume, Morgan Brand, Elijah Leach, Isaac Phillips, Jessica Rawlings and Spencer Thorne.

               Jessica Renfrow and John Stratton will leave Bullitt Lick Middle School and go to BAMS instead of Bullitt Central High School.

               Eastside Middle School will be sending Olivia Atkins, Luke Bryant, Trenten Cox, Kyle Dillard, Grason Gasser, Jade Harris, Emmarie Polichetti, Alden Stidom and Trista Yates.

               A pair of students from Hebron Middle School, Lyndsey Hewitt and Joseph Masterson, will attend BAMS as opposed to North Bullitt High School.

               Mt. Washington Middle School will be represented by Tucker Gardner.

               Students from Zoneton Middle School include Callie Bailey, Alicia Cobb, Katherine Larimore, John Parker and Krystal Seewer.

               Upon successful completion of the BAMS curriculum, students transition to the Jefferson Community and Technical College campus in Shepherdsville for two years of college level courses.

               By the time they arrive at their high school graduation, BAMS students will not only receive their diploma but have 60 college credit hours and an associate degree.

               Bullitt County Public Schools has nearly 13,000 students in grades kindergarten through 12. There are 25 school facilities, a certified staff of over 850 and a classified staff of over 850 working every school day to make the district the leader in educational excellence.