Summer is gone...school set to begin

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 While it seems like just a few days ago when classes dismissed for the year, today is indeed the first day of classes for the Bullitt County Public School System.

The summer has come and gone and educators in Bullitt County - as well as throughout the state of Kentucky - are faced with yet another set of new challenges.

This year, the challenge will be to implement and to expose their students to new core academic standards.

This is part of the Out with KERA and In with the New.

Bullitt County test scores are on the rise. No matter what test you want to look at, things are improving locally.

Much credit must go to the teachers. There is also a good deal of praise that must be heaped upon the administrators.

And students should also reap in some of that praise. Without students who take the test seriously, you have nothing.

Every school year presents challenges. This one will be no different.

Construction woes could be concentrated on Hebron Middle School. More work is planned on other schools in the future.

Teachers have been in training the past week or so on the new standards. They are ready to get started.

Several new administrators are on board and ready to prove that the school-based committees made the right choices.

And most students are probably ready to get back to class.

As the year begins, be careful on the roads. And, parents, make it a goal to get more involved in your child’s education. The Parent Portal is a great opportunity to have a daily look at what your student is doing...or not doing...in the classroom.

Let the class bell ring.