Summer is shrinking as heat still on

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By Thomas Barr

 Someone asked the other day why we were already running back-to-school stories.

The answer was quite simple...Aug. 8 is three weeks away from today.

New teacher orientation is set for Monday, July 30, the same day the annual Back to School section of The Pioneer News is published.

Athletic teams have now started practicing.

Principals are interviewing new teachers to fill vacancies.

Maintenance people are getting everything into place and into proper operating order.

Superintendent Keith Davis is watching as the final administrative positions are filled.

The countdown is literally underway.

Why is this summer break going so quickly - both for the young and the young at heart?

Amazingly, it was mid-May when students finished classes. You remember those days - nice and cool. 

The summer always flew by as a kid. As we get a little older, all the seasons fly by. Days in which we can never get back.

The process is quicker these days as many people have much busier at their place of work.

Less people are doing more work in many operations. This is also one reason the economic recovery will be slow. Businesses have found that they can often do more with less.

They will be hesitant to rehire new or laid off employees.

Another reason the summer flies is that everyone - no matter the age - is extremely busy.

This season of hurry can happen at home or at the office.

The only thing that is for certain is that the Bullitt County Public School System will open its doors to students on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Mark the calendar.


Candidates interested in running for office in many of the cities will have a filing deadline of 4 p.m. on  Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Races in three school board races, and city council races in all but Hillview, Shepherdsville and Lebanon Junction will have filing deadlines on Aug. 14.

These have non-partisan races.

The biggest city to have non-partisan status is Mount Washington.

The city council or city commission terms are two years. 

Be sure you have all the needed signatures, especially if you are going to wait until Aug. 14 to file. You might have something wrong and not time to fix it if you wait too long.

The mayor races will not be contested until 2014 in the various cities.

The fall ballot will have many more races to cast votes for. In May’s primary, neither party had but a race or two to cast a ballot.

The result was turnout of under 10 percent.

As of a couple of weeks ago, only Lorraine McLaughlin had filed for re-election to her seat on the school board.

We expect things to heat up in all the local races within the next couple of weeks.

And, by the way, the presidential race is also on the ballot.


Here comes the heat again. The numbers speak for themselves - we’ve never had such a span of hot weather.

This is probably another reasons the summer has gone so quickly.

The heat has been so oppressive that people haven’t wanted to go outside and do anything.

Next thing you know, summer is over.

Good business if you have an air conditioning repair operation or if you owe an ice cream shop. Not good for any other business that would require customers to go outside to do anything.

It appears we are in the middle of another hot week.


It’s good to see business owners who continue to give back to the community.

Kenny Hester, who wasn’t all too happy with the Hillview city officials several months ago.

But last week, he was all smiles as he announced the opening of his medical plaza, which will include a larger Hester’s Fitness Center. 

The facility, located across from Jewish Hospital  on Hebron Lane, will provide office space for medical services, as well as the fitness center, which is currently located on East Blue Lick Road.

It will be an excellent addition to the community, which is still lacking in medical services, according to state numbers.

It should be open within 7-8 months....weather permitting.