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 I live in Bardstown yet I work in Bullitt County. I know Dick Heaton and have seen first hand what a dedicated community-minded person he is. Dick served on the Bardstown City Council before he was elected mayor of Bardstown. He is a fighter, a survivor, and is upfront as he believes in dealing straight with folks.

He did not run for re-election as mayor of Bardstown in 2010 as he was diagnosed with two squamous cell carcinoma cancer tumors. One was in his right tonsil and other in the lymph nodes in the right side of his neck. Today he has been declared to be cancer free.

Dick is now running to represent all of Nelson County, three precincts in Bullitt and one precinct in Spencer County. He will represent all of us in the 50th District.

As Mayor of Bardstown, Dick secured multiple grants and loans for funding large infrastructure projects, including refinancing existing loans to save the city over one million dollars. We can expect him to seek our similar projects for us in Frankfort as he is prepared to devote the necessary energy and time serving the people of the 50th district.

He states “Good jobs and common sense budgeting are my priorities.” You can count on Dick to work across party lines. He will represent all of us!

In November, please vote for my friend, Dick Heaton, to serve as our next representative.

Judy Cederholm