Support our Constitution

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Your Views

 After receiving hundreds of e-mails from Bullitt County citizens, concerned about the views of our elected officials in Washington on the second amendment of our Constitution, and wanting to know my position, I will try to clearly state my position.

I will never support or enforce any law that is a direct violation of the Constitution that I swore to defend. 

The people of Bullitt County elected me to protect and serve. I will do so with all my might as long as I am your Sheriff.

Speaking as an Army veteran, any violation of our Constitution would be a slap in the face to all the men & women who fought, died or ever took the oath of office to defend this great nation of ours.

In 1790, George Washington wrote these words, ?The Constitution of the United States and the laws made under it must mark the line of my official conduct?. When it comes to defending the Constitution of the United States and the citizens of Bullitt County, I agree with the words of George Washington to uphold the Second Amendment and the Constitution that I have sworn to protect. 

Our office will offer conceal carry weapon classes for the cost of $25.00 to Bullitt County Residents. The $25.00 covers the cost of filing fees in Frankfort.

Please contact our office at 543-2514 after March 1, 2013 for the dates & time of classes.

Sheriff Dave Greenwell