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 I would like to strongly endorse John W. Wooldridge for the Office of Bullitt County Attorney in the May primary.

John has been practicing law for 40 years in Bullitt County and I have had the privilege and honor to work for him for these past 36 years. I can say without reservation that he is a man who is truthful, honest, generous, and fair. During my years with John, I have seen the kind of man that he is by work ethic, his unselfishness in devoting his time and energy to his clients and legal practice, by giving the best and most excellent representation to his clients, and by providing legal assistance to those who may have difficulty in finding legal counsel because of their financial difficulties. John strongly believes that the legal system should work for everyone. 

John is well respected by his business associates, colleagues, employees, and friends. I respect and admire John for his hard work and dedication, and I believe that his well-known commitment to accountability will promote an openness in the area of Bullitt County?s finances that this county so desperately needs. 

John understands how important it is to be available to the public, which will make him a welcome change for the office he is seeking. Beyond a doubt, John is the best qualified attorney for the office of Bullitt County Attorney, and he is reading to work the long hours needed to represent this county.

With proud enthusiasm, I support John Wooldridge for our next Bullitt County Attorney.

Marcia Newton