Taking vocabulary tests to a new height

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Nichols gets 'word' out in fun way

By Stephen Thomas

 NICHOLS - When the older students at Nichols Elementary had a fun time during a learning event, the "word" got out.


Nichols celebrated its second annual Vocabulary Day, originally created by 4th/5th grade instructor Amy Ferrell to make students think about word meanings by implying them into creative costumes.

This time all students and staff members participated in the event, using words ranging from 'wet' and 'zany' to 'short-sighted' and 'miscellaneous'.

Each class paraded through the school for others to see, with judges in the cafeteria giving out awards for various categories. Judges included staff members and school board member Delores Ashby.

Winners included Memphis Rushing for Best Adjective (perplexed), Haley Agee for Best Noun (whisk) and Zoe French for Best Verb (evaporate).

Elliott Haire took honors for Best Shortest Word (safe) while Emily Harl was Best Longest Word (aquarium).

The Best Compound Word was Nathan Hilkey, who wore dark clothes with stars pasted on them and a baseball cap with two black horses on the lid. His word was 'nightmare'.

Mary French, surrounded by fire, won the Word That Makes Us Think (inflame). Riley Conner took Most Ingenious Costume for impale, walking around with an arrow stuck through his torso.

Funniest Word/Costume was a tie. Kylee Priddy was an expired milk carton (rancid) and Jacob Walker used crazy colors and photos on his clothes to represent his word (hyperactive).

Three teachers were honored in the event, including Jill Reverman (effervescent), Kasey Cook (nostalgia) and Janet Grant (centerpiece).

Honorable Mention was awarded to Ella Kendall for her word. Ella dressed as Darth Vader and represented the word 'elevator'.

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