TARC dilemma will be difficult one for county

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By The Staff

    Riders in Bullitt County have become accustomed to the luxury of having mass transportation to and from downtown Louisville each day.

    TARC has provided service for over 20 years to Bullitt Countians who Park and Tarc in Mount Washington and Shepherdsville.

    The one bus was then replaced by a second bus and now three buses make the route.

    In the future, there may be no TARC service.

    With budget constraints, TARC directors are looking at finances and Route 66X is among many on the cutting block.

    The officials estimate it costs $144,000 annually to provide the service to Bullitt County.

    Can Bullitt County officials take that amount out of the general fund to make up the difference?

    Not likely.

    Besides the lack of excess cash sitting around, county officials would be making a big investment on a limited number of residents.

    A public meeting will be held on Thursday, March 18, at 7 p.m. at the courthouse. The public is invited to come out and present comments and suggestions on how to remedy the problem.

    A large number of local residents attended the first of a series of public meetings in Jefferson County over the cuts. That shows how important the service is to many.

    We hope a solution can be worked out. Whether it is raising the rates just for that particular route or whether it is cutting back the number of buses or whether it is seeking some grant funding, it is a problem worth investing some time and energy to reach a solution.

    Simply putting general fund dollars into the situation may not be that answer. But we are sure there are other suggestions floating around.