Teen drinking leads to bad things in life

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Other Views by Brittany Taylor, Partners in Prevention

 Each year thousands of teens are killed or injured in traffic crashes as a result of underage drinking. 

Teens and parents are strongly reminded that underage drinking is against the law and it’s deadly serious. 

Nationally in 2006, 64 percent of all drivers or motorcycle operators ages 15 to 20 who were involved in fatal traffic crashes and had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08 or higher died as a result of the crash - a fact which is both tragic and unacceptable.

That is why in Bullitt County and the Metro Louisville area we’re stepping-up the crackdown on underage drinking through a comprehensive teen drinking-and-driving prevention program called 'Underage Drinking. Adult Consequences.'

Throughout this campaign, local community leaders, concerned citizens, and local law enforcement officials in Bullitt County have joined to remind teens and parents that underage drinking is not only wrong -  it’s against the law.  

Law enforcement officers will step-up compliance checks, saturation and party patrols, and watching for parents who provide alcohol or host drinking parties for their underage teens. 

Parents need to know that hosting a party where alcohol is served to minors is not only illegal, but it’s extremely dangerous for their teens, for others in the community, and for the parents themselves given the legal liabilities they face. 

To help educate parents and teens, a series of hard-hitting 'Underage Drinking. Adult Consequences.' radio and newspaper ads, social media sites, and other materials are being used to put parents and their teens on notice that any incident of underage drinking creates serious consequences. 

These advertising messages that bluntly advise parents it is time to "grow up” are not intended to speak to responsible, law-abiding parents who are already doing the right thing, but rather to those parents who still don’t get it and think it is okay to host parties where underage drinking occurs, or to supply alcohol to their teenagers and their teenagers’ friends.  

We are asking teens to avoid alcohol, and we ask parents to make a new or renewed commitment to being responsible parents and to never be a party to underage drinking. Remember, giving teens alcohol is not only wrong - it’s illegal.

Underage Drinking. Adult Consequences.