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 On Friday, January 21, 1013, we were in a car accident on Kings Church Road. Both our car and the car that flipped on top of ours were totaled. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, although it meant a long night in the ER at University Hospital for everyone involved.

Words cannot express our gratitude to everyone who responded that evening. The police officers, sheriff’s officers, EMTs, and fire department personnel arrived quickly and were compassionate and thorough in checking us out and getting those who needed it transported to the hospital. Everyone at University was also kind and considerate, they are seeing everyone at their worst and still managing to smile and take the time to let you know that you matter and they care about your condition.

Thanks also to the other drivers who stopped to make sure we were okay, called for help, and gave us their cell phones so we could contact our loved ones when we couldn’t get a signal on our own phones.

So from us and our children, thanks to everyone for your care and concern.

Les and Ann Taylor