Thanks from Belcher

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Your Views

  THANK YOU to all of the people of Bullitt County who let me put a sign in your yard, who helped me pas out literature, and who voted for me a your State Representative District 49. Your support means so much to me!

After all of the years I have lived/worked here in Bullitt County I hope you know you can trust me to be honest with you and to keep my word. So friends (Democrats, Republicans and Independents), if you like the projects (Hwy. 44 turning lanes, widening Hwy. 61 and money for sewers) that I have secured for us, please give me the opportunity to again try and take care of more of the needs or our district.

I pledge to: run a clean race in the fall; deal only in FACTS; continue to be visible and accessible; use my contacts in Frankfort to improve Bullitt County District 49; and do my absolute best to represent you here and in Frankfort. It would be an honor to serve you. Thank you!

Linda Belcher