Thanks to the community

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 It is with unspeakable emotion and tears of joy shed in gratitude that my family and I offer our sincerest thanks to the community for helping to make the Prescott Lee Goodman Extreme Park a dream come true.

I can speak on behalf of the entire Goodman family and the Bikes With Wings Foundation committee when I express the appreciation we have for the many donations we received during the foundation’s kick-off fundraiser on August 26.

No matter the scale of the donation, area businesses should understand that their contribution plays a significant role in the future of our youth.

The family wishes to thank not only the businesses that helped the make event a success but all parties involved. With hard work and determination, we raised over $11,000 for the bike park fund.

As the mother of Prescott, this has impacted by life in every way imaginable.

As part of my personal grief process, I’ve been reflecting on my way of living and how I had my eyes closed to many things.

I can now say for certain that paying it forward does exist and it is alive and well in our community. I can only hope to one day make a difference in someone’s life the way so many people throughout the community have made a difference in mine.

Chrystal Goodman