Thanks for the honor

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 So many letters being with “I meant to write this sooner.” So does this one.

I’ve tried to find words that could express my gratitude to the wonderful, generous families - past and present, at Blue Lick Ball Park.

The honor you’ve given me (in renaming the complex) for service I was glad to do was completely unexpected and humbling. It will be a highlight of my life. I hope to continue to be a part of this great organization - helping in whatever way I can.

Thanks, too, to the generosity of my “South Bullitt Buddies.” The surprises have kept coming.

A special thank you goes to Tom Barr for a great article and for covering this story personally. The Pioneer News unfailingly keeps the public informed about all sporting activities and honors in our area. Thank you, Pioneer News, for doing such an outstanding job as this community’s newspaper.

Challis Ford