Thanks Ned for service to county

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By The Staff

To think that your first day on the job entailed going to Bullitt Fiscal Court to ask for the establishment of a new tax....and you survived for another 22 years.

Ned Fitzgibbons will leave his position as the only director of the Bullitt County Public Health Department as he retires at the end of December.

Not only did Fitzgibbons survive that attempt to impose a countywide health tax (which was eventually approved) but he thrived.

More importantly, the health department has thrived.

Going from a small office to a modern facility, Fitzgibbons can go into retirement proud of the accomplishments of the agency, its staff and its board.

No matter the emergency, there was never a doubt that Fitzgibbons’ leadership would provide a calming influence.

The county will miss his leadership and  his courage to look ahead at the big picture. That vision and determination to follow that vision is something that will be sorely missed.

Thank you, Ned, for your commitment to the people of Bullitt County.