Thanks to one, good luck to another man

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Our Views

 It is ironic that in a single issue of the paper we have stories on a leader in the community who is leaving and another who is coming to our area.

Dr. Swannie Jett came to the Bullitt County Health Department following Ned Fitzgibbons, who was the first director and spent over 22 years at the helm.

Taking over a solid department, Jett moved the emphasis to more community partnerships and more of an educational aspect for the county.

Public education is important and it is a mission that should only grow in the future. 

We wish him well in Florida.

John Snider will bring a wealth of experience to the position of economic development director. In fact, he led the EDA efforts for the entire state of West Virginia.

We are expecting big things in his new role as Bullitt County’s EDA executive director.