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 I am the Bullitt County Community Organizer working on behalf of a grant awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to KIPDA in partnership with U of L. Bullitt County was selected as a targeted county to be served due to the high rate of diabetes and obesity of its residents.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizations that have allowed us to interview them to complete the needs assessment over the past few months and get a snapshot of our community. Your time is greatly appreciated, as well as your interest and concern for our community.

The next step is critical. We are looking for citizens over 50 years old age with Type II diabetes to interview for a comprehensive health survey. As we discover and identify the needs of the communities, it is our goal to develop a county-specific plan that will include identification of interventions that show promise of having an impact on the residents’ knowledge, attitude and behavior regarding healthy living and diabetes.

Please contact Jessica Craddock at (502) 930-2499 or JessCraddockBC@gmail.com for information on how you can become a part of this health survey. We are hoping that information gained will help all residents reduce the risks and complications of diabetes.

Jessica Craddock

Bullitt County Diabetes Community Organizer