Thanks, Susan, for years of work in the community

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Our Views

 After three decades of service to the financial industry, Susan Bradbury has called it a career.

We congratulate her on her work at First Federal Savings Bank and wish her well on her retirement.

But, more important, Bradbury has been a key leader in the community for each of those years.

Whenever there is a worthy cause to be championed, Bradbury can normally be found in the mix.

When there was a lack of women to step up to the plate and be a champion, Bradbury was one of those early leaders.

Most recently, Bradbury has led the charge in helping the Metro United Way grow its efforts in Bullitt County.

Starting as a lone wolf, Bradbury has worked with many others to see that the county agencies are rewarded with thousands of grant dollars each year.

While we wish Susan well in her retirement we are also very sure that she isn’t finished in being a leader in Bullitt County.

Whatever direction she takes and whatever cause she champions, we are sure that Susan Bradbury will continue to be a major player in Bullitt County.

We thank her for her dedication in the past and we look forward to her continued work in the future.