Things that are important

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 My name is Robert Huff. I think I am an average citizen. I served my country in World War II and I might add I was real proud to do so. I think being in the service has taught me many things about people. Most people want the same thing out of life and this is important to them. That one thing is money - the reason being  so the family can life a comfortable life.

I might add people will do whatever it takes to get this done. Once you get a taste of the better life you do not want to lose it. This is a proven fact. You can read about elected officials taking bribes for doing things for others that is against the law for money.” The root of all evil is the love of money.”

Another thing is drugs. This has caused good people to go bad and another thing drugs are easy to get if you have the money. My opinion very little has been done to correct this drug problem. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a drug-free  country and I am talking about hard drugs.

What is doing to happen to the younger generation when they get their parents’ age knowing their parents have done the drugs. They in turn do drugs because their parents did it because they grew up with these parents doing it. Then their children in turn will do the drugs, this will go on and one each generation. What will become of the USA? Something to think about? “Right.” But I am only an average citizen. This is my opinion only.


Robert Huff