Think tank on ACT scores gets A+

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By The Staff

If educators didn’t have enough on their plates, local leaders are pushing to increase ACT scores for students.

A think tank summit was held recently for Bullitt County educators. The message was simple - preparing youngsters for life after high school is the number one goal and a key indicator is the ACT.

This test has been used for years to determine college readiness. The state of Kentucky mandated that all juniors must take the test, free of charge.

The only problem is that only a certain percentage of juniors will go onto college. And it is uncertain how many of those students understand the importance of the tests.

It is good that educators are working together to raise all test scores, including the ACT. But to make this possible, someone must figure out the way to motivate the students and inform them on the importance of the exams. Until that is done, Bullitt County and the state will get failing marks.