Those using services need to pay freight

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Our Views

By The Staff

    Even after covering a community for years, you can learn something every day.

    Take in point the Bullitt County Emergency Medical Services. We never figured out that if you call an ambulance for service but were not transported to the hospital, there was no bill attached.

    Bullitt County fiscal court members are wise to look at some type of flat fee to charge those who call for EMS to treat what should be done at an immediate care center or an emergency room.

    We couldn’t imagine that over 30 percent of the patients seen by Bullitt County EMS are never transported.

    The county agency has supplied manpower, fuel and usage of an ambulance and supplies. In return, the service receives no compensation.

    For an agency that already draws over $1.5 million from the county’s general fund each year, a flat fee should be  done immediately.

    If an ambulance is called by police to an accident scene but transport is not needed, there would be no fee charged.

    But the $75 fee being discussed is appropriate. Those using the services should be paying the bill. It is not an immediate care service. It is an ambulance service.