Three graduates will be perfect employees in future

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By The Staff

Over the past week, graduates from the four Bullitt County high schools have been honored.

Many have stood as their accomplishments were recognized. There was academic achievement. Athletic skill was honored. And those who excelled in extracurricular activities were honored.

But maybe three graduates accomplished one of the greatest achievements in the Class of 2009.

I would add my special salute to Hanna Scott and Jacob Corley, both of North Bullitt, and Ericka Nutt of Bullitt East.

According to the Bullitt County Public School officials, each achieved perfect attendance during their academic careers. We’re not talking the past year or the past four years. We’re talking 13 years for Hanna and Ericka and 12 years for Jacob.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Trying to remember back nearly 30 years ago, I recall being honored for the perfect 4.0 grade-point average and for various academic honors. I think I had four years of perfect attendance.

However, to have perfect attendance your entire academic career is something truly special.

First, it means that the three seniors avoided the normal aches, pains and illnesses that are common, especially during the elementary years.

Second, it means that they enjoy school and enjoy waking up each day and going to class.

Third, they have parents who have made sure that education is an important part of their lives.

There must have been a few days when each of the three probably didn’t feel at the top of their game. There were probably a few days when they may have entertained the idea to participate in a senior “cut” day or a day in which nothing was going on just prior to the end of school or before a holiday.

No matter the opportunity to miss a day of school, they were there and in class.

It shouldn’t matter their career path, finding a job should be no problem for any of the three.

If you show a potential employer that you didn’t miss a day of school for 12 or 13 years, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a job.

One of the biggest complaints you will see about today’s youth is the lack of work ethic. This isn’t something new. It is rare to find someone who is on the job on time, no matter the weather conditions or their physical condition.

Most of the time, you can trace this back to heredity. Normally you will find a parent or two who has the same drive to be on the job daily.

When the job market is so tight, this work ethic could be a determining factor in whether you get the position or don’t get the position.

Hanna, Jacob and Ericka should be congratulated for their determination to attend class each day. It is a feat accomplished by very few. And it is a goal that others should seek to achieve.