Three look to fill seat on school board

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE — Three men will battle on Nov. 4 for the right to fill the last two years of a vacancy on the Bullitt County Public School Board.

David Cross, Carl “Bud” Johnson Jr. and Tim Wiseheart will be on the ballot for the District 3 spot.

David Cross

As a citizen, Cross feels that when a question is asked, an answer should be given.

In some governmental circles, Cross isn’t sure that is always the result.

Having attended several school board meetings and having unanswered questions of his own, Cross is making his first run at elected office.

In talking with people across the county, Cross said others have concerns that aren’t being answered.

Many are concerned about the students being taught the test and not actually being taught how to learn.

Cross said others are concerned that when they have issues, there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

As a board member, Cross said his goal will be to see that questions do in fact get answered.

As a retired engineer, he hopes to use his technical background in the many construction projects currently underway. He also wants to see more students have the opportunity to take advanced courses to get them ready for college.

“I will listen to the people,” said Cross. “I have the time to be in the schools and to get answers for the people.”

Carl “Bud” Johnson Jr.

Johnson got interested in the school system when his former wife served as a board member in District Three.

During her tenure, Johnson said he would get a lot of questions from people and he listened to their concerns.

The cabinet company owner said that he heard and learned a lot about the district the past couple of years.

He feels with his experience as a business owner, he would be a valuable asset to the board.

“I’m not afraid to tackle controversial issues,” said Johnson. “I will make my position known.”

As a board member, Johnson said he has some goals beyond simply improving test scores.

He would like to see central office personnel take more control over what is happening at the various schools. He would like to see more consistency in how things are handled.

As a businessman, Johnson said it is also very important to watch over the tax dollars, especially with a tight budget.

In talking with voters, Johnson said his experience in construction and in business would be very beneficial.

He is also a good listener who said he has the ability to make people at least look at the other side of an issue.

“You have to have some business savvy to survive,” said Johnson. “I think I can help the youngsters of Bullitt County.

Tim Wiseheart

Wiseheart has always been involved in the local schools.

He’s served on site-based councils and been part of the hiring process for two principals.

And since August, the branch manager for The Peoples Bank of Bullitt County in Mount Washington has filled the vacant position on the Bullitt County Public School Board.

He now wants to fill the District 3 position for the next two years.

“I always wanted to some type of public service,” said Wiseheart.

During his tenure on site-based councils at Old Mill and Mount Washington Middle, Wiseheart said he dealt with a lot of questions and concerns from teachers, parents and administrators.

While he is pleased with the path currently being taken by the school system, Wiseheart knows there is room for improvement.

“Eventually, I want to see Bullitt County become a top 10 district in the state,” said Wiseheart.

He believes the district is moving in that direction but that it will take time.

Wiseheart hopes to provide some expertise on the financial side, especially with the budget cuts from the state.

In talking with voters, Wiseheart said his experience in the school system and his business experience are both reasons why he should have an opportunity to serve on the board.

“Serving on the school board is right for me,” said Wiseheart. “I think I can help.”