Time to give thanks to some other people in our community

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My Views by Thomas J. Barr, publisher

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - It is at this time each year that we reflect.

We reflect on the things that we should be thankful for.

We have our health. And we have our families. 

All things to be thankful for.

Many will thank the higher being of their own particular belief.

Others will be thankful for their places of employment.

But there are many others in which we need to take a few moments to thank - even though we may criticize them throughout the year.

A big thanks goes out to our first responders.

We don’t like to pay for the fire taxes or see our tax dollars go for ambulances or police cruisers.

But when we need the fire, police or ambulance, we appreciate them a whole lot.

We need to give thanks to all those who are in the medical profession.

Do we fuss as we sit in the lobby waiting hours to see a doctor or dentist?

Sure we do. But where would we be if we didn’t have those trained medical personnel?

Let us throw out some thanks to our educators.

Education is a tough business today. The hours are long and the hurdles are tough to jump.

However, during this time of season, everyone involved in the education process needs a bit of thanks.

That includes from the bus drivers and monitors, the cafeteria staff to the office support team, from the teachers to their aides to the principal and fellow administrators.

Even give a little love to the central office staff.

Don’t forget about the maintenance staff. And anyone else I may have forgotten.

While not crazy about some of the things in Washington, even our elected officials deserve a bit of praise.

Those who run and win elected office must be a little twisted. They take a lot of heat whether they are doing a good job or a bad job.

It is tough to please everyone. In fact, it is often impossible.

As long as they remember to listen to their constituents, we can’t complain too much.

But that means truly listen to your people - not what the party line wants you to do.

We can’t forget about our military men and women who do so much to protect our freedoms. They know that at any time, they might have to pay the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

A final bit of thanks to the folks in my profession - the media.

Like so many other jobs, the profession has gotten a lot tougher. And the job is being accomplished with fewer people.

For the most part, we all got into the profession to make a difference, not to fatten our bank accounts.

Long hours and many holidays and nights away from family is par for this job.

I don’t thank my folks enough for a job well done.

This Thanksgiving season, gas prices will increase and traffic will be congested.

But the bottom line is to say thanks for all that you have in your life.