The time has come to move to next stage

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By The Staff

Within the next few days, graduates from the four Bullitt County public high schools will walk across the stage.

They will be leaving one place in their lives and moving toward another.

It’s a tough time in the world today.

The job market is tight.

Post-secondary education is becoming more expensive by the day.

The military is a dangerous option but one that is so important.

So why should the members of the Class of 2009 be optimistic?

America is still the land of opportunity.

Students leaving high school today will come out with a much better education than even five years ago.

They are more socially ready to meet the challenges of the world.

Most have more confidence that those in my day, although those days are quickly becoming a far distant memory.

There are opportunities for the youth of today to get into a number of career paths. Most are unrelated to the manufacturing jobs of the past.

There are technical jobs. There are jobs in which your mind must stretch much farther than the textbook.

The most important trait our graduates must have is what might be lacking the most - a work ethic.

As I speak to many career groups and just as many tour groups, there are several things needed to succeed.

You need a college education in most fields today. That may be a technical school or a community college but some post-secondary education is important.

The next thing is to enjoy what you do. No amount of salary will make up for a job you don’t like.

Good luck to the Class of 2009. It’s tough out there but you will survive.