The time is now to get out and exercise rights

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Our Views

 The time has arrived.

In less than one week, you will have an opportunity to exercise one of your most sacred rights -- the chance to go to the ballot box.

Despite the mud...

Despite the really awful stuff that is spread in the social media, including Topix and Facebook...

Despite the hard feelings that are caused...

We continue to say that America has the best system of democracy in the world.

In Bullitt County, this is a strange year. We will have more Republican-contested primaries than their Democratic counterparts.

Only one of the eight cities will  have primary elections.

And, there will be new Senate and House districts for many Bullitt Countians.

But beyond all the outside factors that may keep someone away from the ballot box, we, as Americans and as Bullitt Countians, must find a reason to vote on election day.

Your vote, no matter who it may be for or against, counts.

You need to show that the freedoms you have are important. You need to show those who fought for your rights that their efforts, and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice, are respected.

There are many flaws in our system. There are often times a situation where we vote for the lesser of the evils. But we must participate in the system. A turnout of 20 percent does nothing to help our system.

On Tuesday, May 20, please get out to vote.