Time now to put gaming issue on the ballot in fall

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Our Views

 Forget all the politcal talk. Forget all the special interest involvement. It is time to put the issue on whether Kentucky should have gambling on the general election ballot.

This is a Constitutional amendment that must be decided by the people.

We have talked and talked about the issue for years.

Will it generate additional money?

Who knows.

Has it taken up too much time and energy over the years?


When the lottery was introduced years ago, there was much of the same discussion.

Kentucky has survived and, if nothing else, the lottery has generated millions of dollars to assist Kentucky students attend college.

We know that thousands of people leave Kentucky to visit casino gambling establishments.

We also know there are some people who have an addiction and additional places of gambling would not be good for them.

However, instead of going to Frankfort each session to argue about it, let’s do something.

Put it on the ballot and let the people decide.

If approved, then the discussions will begin again on what would be allowed and how that should be regulated.

It might take a couple of years to get the system set up - if the voters approve.

Kentucky has many issues to tackle. Casino gambling shouldn’t be one of them.

That decision belongs in the hands of the voters of the commonwealth.

Put some trust in the people that they will do what they believe is right for themselves and for their fellow residents of Kentucky.